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johan cruyffJohan is gone. The flying Dutchman flew. My iPhone warned me of this disappearance as I was about to take a flight to Abidjan.

This trip is a return to the source for me, but this tragic event, too, is a return to the source for the game of our academies. Indeed, the principles of play recommended by all our academies including the first one, Abidjan, come from the analysis of the game played by all teams or what was this fabulous player Johan Cruyff played and directed such a real conductor.

Ajax, Barcelona, ​​Feyennord all became under his baton very large teams.
Only one thing has missed him the World Cup. Grazed in 1974 in Germany, refused in 1978 for reasons that are still unknown to me.
This disappearance remember many matches where Cruyff multiplied exploits. It also reminds me of my youth and my career. Finally, she reminds me of my first son, disappeared too, was that I had to pay tribute to this extraordinary player, given the same first name.

I imagine the trouble that hits all the Dutch soccer players and I participate in this sadness. Alive, he entered into legend. Death he will never get out ...