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JMG Football - Philosophy

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The concept of the “Academy JMG” project was motivated by one challenge:   To prove that one particular idea of football could still rhyme with performance.

  • To meet this challenge, it was necessary to go through the training of the players as most adult players’ minds are “corrupted” by modern high-stake football, a football advocated by the majority of managers and, therefore, unfortunately, also embraced by many players.
  • “JMG Academy” was therefore devised to implement a concept and a philosophy, and its set-up in several countries since 1994 was carried out in accordance with rules derived from this belief and philosophy.

What is this Philosophy ?

And what are the logical rules derived from it ?

  • This Philosophy takes into account and respects the fact that football is above all else at the service of man in general.
  • Therefore, it is our belief that a football game should leave an image reflecting the realities of life together with human moral and physical values.

The Principal Values of our Philosophy can be briefly summarised as follows:

  • The Respect of all the elements of Football, the game, the players, the referees, the rules and regulations;
  • The Generosity of the game so that each player makes a gift of his efforts, energy and talent to his team, his club and his craft;
  • The Beauty of the Game or aesthetics born out of the technical finesse, skills and personality of each player;
  • The Intelligence or Insight into the tactical approach of both individual and collective play;
  • The Respect of Human Limitations finally, because whilst sport is designed to reach one’s limits, it is not meant to exceed them.

These Values, selected from an open-ended list, have two essential common points:

  • The Love of Football
  • The Respect of the Ethics of Sport

A Philosophy without rules remains a non-starter...

  • However, so far, none of the above statements confers the precise distinguishing feature to differentiate between the “JMG Academy” and any other training facility.
  • In theory, everyone will tell you they have the same concerns except that, in practice, the reality is different ! To be aware of, or to have, a philosophy is one thing but to implement it on the ground into real deeds and actions, is another.
  • Indeed, a philosophy whose principle is flouted or unfulfilled is a non-starter.   At the “JMG Academy”, our principles are strictly applied and respected.   These principles are the backbone of our Philosophy.

At the “JMG Academy”, our whole Philosophy dictates all our Training and Formation work
  • Therefore, to acquire the meaning of our first value, the respect of all the elements of football, we implement a very simple and strict rule: You do not lie, You do not cheat, You do not steal. These are the basic fundamental rules of education that make honesty a solid and essential foundation to all social relations.
  • The game strategy and tactics, in both defensive and offensive situations, give the greatest emphasis to Intelligence, to team play (even within an individual action) and to Generosity. The acquisition of a perfect, flawless technique, tailored to each individual player, is a permanent quest for the Beauty of the Game.
  • Finally, the duration of training (7 to 9 years) is clear evidence that we take into account and respect Human Limitations.

Time as a Guarantor of Morality
  • There is a moral truth in the concept of the long term that opportunists betray by ignoring human realities.   This is not the case at the “JMG Academy”.
  • It is not the one result (of a match for instance), it is not the extraordinary success of one or a few players that guide or dictate our actions.   At our Academy, it is the respect of our Philosophy, i.e. of a particular vision of football that prevails.
  • In the 16th century, Rabelais said: “Science without conscience is but ruin of the soul”. Today, we could paraphrase this by saying: “Victory without ethics is but the ruin of Sport...