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JMG Football - Background

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When did this story really begin ?

Probably as soon as Jean-Marc GUILLOU (JMG) first kicked a ball and realised this was far more interesting than any of the other exercises proposed by the schoolmaster. Besides, during his childhood, JMG never really took to his academic studies. Nonetheless, as far as arithmetic is concerned, he will be able very quickly to learn to count his number of kick-ups and establish new daily records; and by way of French, he will recite long compilations of commentaries of matches organised between buddies.

This football was to become his school but also, and very quickly, a passion clinging to his very existence. Despite a full career, this passion never faltered and nothing could dent it, neither the aftermaths of sombre defeats, nor the periods of forced rest due to injuries, not even age dictating a new limit of play time on the pitch.

In fact, this passion perpetuated itself thanks to a permanent return to the roots, towards the football of the streets, of the school-yards, of the wastelands or of the beach.   These places have always been the symbol of the game he believes in, a game where the notions of pleasure, freedom and childhood are never far away.

The “JMG Academy” is, therefore, the story of a school, of a game, of fun, of freedom and of children, big and small....


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