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Background of Thailand-Chonburi Academy

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April 2004
Several players from the Academy of Abidjan are now professional players.   The KSK Beveren qualifies for the Belgian Cup Final.    Jean-François COUET (one of the Abidjan Academy financiers) has been teaching French in Bangkok for 20 years, and his Belgian friend, Robert PROCUREUR, also lives in Thailand where he juggles several businesses.   They decide to launch the first JMG Academy in Asia.  The idea is gaining ground, contacts are made with JMG and, in July 2004, the two friends obtain a sponsorship from Arsène WENGER.

December 2004
An agreement is signed between “Global Football Marketing Co. Limited” and “JMG Academy”.  The JMG Academy Thailand will be under the technical authority of JMG Academy as Trustee of the Training and Management Expertise of this project.  The project will be financed by “Global Football Marketing Co. Limited”.

January 2005
Infrastructure works begin on site, 30-minutes from Chonburi.

April 2005
Jean-Marc Guillou and Christophe LARROUILH (Technical Director in Thailand from 2005 to 2007) carry out a search, short-listing and selection of the first Thai “Académiciens” in the largest cities of various provinces in Thailand.
• Short-listing of 40 players.
• Final listing of 16 players to be part of the First Selection.

May 2005
Official start of sports training and academic classes.

June 2007
Arrival of the Second Selection.

February 2008  
Eric DECROIX becomes the new Technical Director.

June 2008
JMG Vietnam visits from 8 to 21 June.

July to August 2008
JMG Thailand travels to Europe on its first foreign tour.   Accommodation is arranged for the “Académiciens” of the First Selection near their training ground, the prestigious sports complex of Arsenal, from 28 July to 4 August.   A visit full of emotions and excitement for the players who discover London, visit the Emirates Stadium during its annual tournament, take on the Arsenal under-15’s and under-16’s,  and even get to bump into their idols, either by chance or prior arrangement depending on their availability.   The tour extends until the 16th of August at the facilities of the Belgian club of Lierse where training sessions and sightseeing are still on the program, as well as the friendly matches against Anderlecht and Lierse’s under-16’s and under-17’s.

October 2008
First tour for The Second Selection with a visit to the Academy of Vietnam from 12 to 22 October.

June – July 2009
The JMG Academy of Egypt visits from 21 June to 12 July.

November 2009
Arsenal invites two “Académiciens” from the First Selection, KOT and MESSI, to a 12-day trial.

March 2010
Muang Thong United enters into partnership with the Academy.

May 2010
The First Selection players leave the Academy, the majority for Muang Thong United.  The rest join first division Thai-league clubs or African clubs.

June - July 2010
Second Selection on a Vietnam tour from 24 June to 17 July.

September 2010
On 10 September, DON makes his debut in the Thai League.  At 17-and-a-half years old, he becomes the first Thai “Académicien” to play at the highest national level.

October 2010
Muang Thong United wins the League Championship and DON his first national title.

February 23, 2011 :
DON 18 years old on March 23 is called Team National - 23 years to participate in qualifying matches for the 2012 Olympics. It formalizes his first national team with a 1-0 victory against Palestine. It begins, however, not the game but comes into play in stoppage time at the 91st at left-back.

May 2011 :
JMG Academy is invited from 19 to 28 May in Doha, Qatar by the ASPIRE Academy to perform various exhibition matches. Two Academy players in Thailand are invited to participate in this movement.
After the fracture of the tibia of TEK is Dousse DOUMBIA and which are the trip.

July 2011 :
Receipt of the Academy "JMG Vietnam" of July 2 to 15.

September 28, 2011 :
TAE is the first academician of Thailand to enter the third degree of juggling.

November 2011 :
Tour in Egypt from November 1 to 25 in the Academy "JMG Egypt" our host and the Academy "JMG Vietnam" in its new facility in El Sokhna on the banks of the Red Sea.

November 26 to December 1, 2011 :
Receipt of the Academy "JMG Vietnam" after the shortened stay in Egypt due to sulfur events held in Cairo during the month of November.

December 18, 2011 :
KOH makes his first League match holder in Thai Muang under the colors of actively involved in his club's victory by opening the scoring in the seventh minute with a superb volley from 20 meters.

January 26, 2012 :
KEN accesses the 3rd degree of juggling.

February 17, 2012 :
DOUMBIA accesses the 3rd Degree of juggling.

February 29, 2012 :
The first practice with shoes.

March 26, 2012 :
The project comes to an end and the goodbyes are necessary with modesty and reckless. Everyone benefits in its own way the last moments of intimacy head full of memories and shared moments of life.
Diaby, DOUMBIA Dousse and regain their homeland for a family vacation before taking the direction of Bamako where they stain to continue their education by getting a place in the sun at the Academy "JMG Mali."
TIRN, POM, TAE, TEK, and TAR KEN join the club next month partner Muang Thong United under the watchful eye of their elders Academicians of the first class.

March 31, 2012 :
After more than seven years of existence, the Academy "JMG Thailand» Chonburi closed its doors.